WRRC Staff

Alondra Mariposa

Community Organizer

I am a fourth year Community and Regional Development & Chicana/o Studies major. This is my second year at the WRRC as a community organizer. I chose to work at the WRRC, because the center values gender equity and self-care. I eat a lot of fruits, including 1 L of orange juice a day! I love to cook, listen to music, and make art. I enjoy going on adventures and exploring nature. I have been involved with Semana de la Xicanx*, Sex Talk Tuesdays, and the WRRC Tumblr Blog! Come visit me :)

Danielle Martinez

Community Organizer

My name is Danielle Martinez, I am a 5th year double majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women Studies and Political Science. I identify as a working-class queer womxn of color, these identities inform the ways in which I aspire to do work with/in/for community. The WRRC has become a space that has been like a home to me - filled with love, support, and community that has contributed to my own personal growth and retention at UC Davis. I love coffee, listening to music, and cooking. I am a sun Gemini and moon Scorpio. Stop by and talk to me about astrology, feminisms, and social justice.

Deniss Martinez

Community Organizer

Deniss is a descendent of the Tutunaku people in what is now Veracruz, Mexico. As such she centers compassion and love in her community activism as her family and ancestors did before her. She loves writing, painting, and hiking. The WRRC has become a home for her and she hopes to be able to continue to contribute love and support to this community.

Eavan Huth

Community Organizer

Eavan (rhymes with “raven”) is a fourth year undergraduate student studying English, Psychology, and Education. In her work at the WRRC, she seeks to collaboratively and creatively dismantle systems of oppression by promoting gender equity, and challenging dominant / toxic social constructs. She is passionate about art, writing, and improv, and loves being surrounded by friends, flowers, tea, and coffee. She hopes to continue growing in her feminisms within academia and beyond.

Johana Meza

Community Organizer

My name is Johana Meza, pronouns they/them and I'm a fourth year student double majoring in global disease biology and religious studies. I identify as a agender xicanx and enjoy spending time with my dog, reading, cooking, finding good music, and smashing the patriarchy. The wrrc has played a pivotal role in my time here at UC Davis with finding community, and resources. I couldn't imagine my path at Davis without this beautiful gem.

Karimi Ndwiga

Community Organizer

Hi :)

My names are Karimi Ndwiga. I'm a fourth year transfer student from Anaheim, California and Kenya. I graduated from Santa Ana College with an associates degree in Sociology and I'm currently majoring in African-American & African Studies. My hobbies include napping, having revolutionary conversations, dancing to good music, and eating tasty food. I was a volunteer at the WRRC winter quarter of my first year at Davis. I fell in love with the environment and the center's commitment to intersectional feminisms. I'm really excited to be able to help build and maintain this community so that Davis can become a safer more just place for students in the margins. Come by and say hi!

Martha Campos

Community Organizer

Hello! My name is Martha Campos and I am a third year Environmental Science and Management major. I am very passionate about fighting against environmental racism and finding ways to be environmentally friendly. I am so excited to work at the WRRC because the center advocates for intersectional feminism, gender equity, and self-care! The WRRC has been such a key component in my life, as an undergraduate, especially when I needed a place to de-stress and have fun! Please feel free to come by and chat with me! :)

Naveen Bhat

Community Organizer

My name is Naveen Bhat and I am non-binary and bisexual. I am a third year film and theater double major, and I want to add more diversity and representation of people from intersecting marginalized identities in our media. I love the WRRC because it has been a welcoming and inclusive space that I couldn't find elsewhere on campus. I love to cuddle and play with my cat, admire my cactus named Alfredo, and drink alot of boba!

Mayra Sanchez

Graduate Student Researcher

Major: PhD Geography, DE Feminist Theory and Methods
Biography: Completed BS in Psychology in México, and MS in Child Development and Community Development at UCD.
Random Facts: Cheese and chocolate are part of my everyday life.

Michelle Hosogai

Graphic Designer

My name is Michelle Hosogai, I am a design student finishing my last year at UC Davis. Although I’m still relatively new, the WRRC has become a warm and inviting second home to me already. I enjoy working with my WRRC family/co-workers and am excited to contribute my design skills towards intersectional feminism and representation of marginalized identities. I design with passion and the thought of bringing happiness to others. I love challenging myself and embracing limitations to stretch my creativity. During my spare time I am traveling, spending an inordinate amount of time watching Ghibli films, or exploring new dessert places!

Sandra Bae

Web Designer

Hello, my name is Sandra Bae! I'm currently a Human-Computer Interactions major, focusing on the interdiscplinary works of computer science, design, and statistics, and Education minor. My interest range from playing games like Overwatch, powerlifting, to late night readings. I am proud to be involved in an wonderful organization that advocates for intersectional feminism, gender equity, and self-care! Feel free to say hello when you come by! :)

Career Staff

Ashley Teodorson

Business and Finance Coordinator

I am a mother, birth doula, academic and activist.

I currently serve as the Business and Finance Coordinator at the WRRC.

My academic interests are organized around the effects and affects produced by contemporary representations of birth and motherhood. Specifically, I want to suggest that the problems and failures inherent to representation as a project are nowhere more salient than in the face of human birth. I see my work as unrelentingly performative and operating in the space between affect theory, new material feminisms and queer theory.

I currently live in Davis, Ca where my partner and I raise our five children.

Jessica Castellon

Assistant Director of Education

jessica castellón [she/her pronouns] is daughter of immigrant parents, and a proud queer xicana feminist raised by a single mom.​ ​Her approach in working toward gender equity is deeply rooted in intersectionality and honoring her personal and ancestral experiences. She discovered a passion for social justice and activism during her undergraduate years when she became involved with the Multicultural Center at Sacramento State.

She is passionate about promoting laughter for healing, intersectionality, doing work alongside marginalized communities, higher education​, ​social justice​ and spending time with her dog Lola​. Exceeding her own expectations, she earned three bachelor degrees in Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Social Work from Sacramento State in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Sociology in 2015.

Sara Blair-Medeiros

Assistant Director of Outreach

Sara Blair-Medeiros (she/her/hers pronouns) is a fierce Queer Transracial Adoptee Woman of Color. Sara is a Bay Area native passionate about Gender Equity work and Social Justice. Her approach to the work is founded in her intersectional life experience and the philosophy that authentic human relationships are a crucial part of the collective struggle for equity and liberation. Sara is passionate about supporting students, Intersectionality, Social Justice, engaging in the work towards liberation with marginalized communities, critical self-reflective practice, listening to music, her dog and all dogs, cooking, trying new things, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sara lives in Sacramento with her wife Michelle.

Maia Huang

CAN Counselor

I am a marriage and family therapist with a specialization in expressive arts therapy. I’ve worked with young adults and college students from a variety of different backgrounds, including people from the LGBTQIA community, immigrants and ethnically diverse populations, and people with disabilities, among others. LGBTQIA identity concerns, chronic illness, women’s health and wellness, multiculturalism, life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, and issues in straight and same-sex relationships, are some of my areas of expertise.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on social justice, providing direct care for underserved, marginalized communities in the nonprofit and social services sectors. Prior to becoming apsychotherapist, I worked in the capacity of a community advocate, case manager, outreach worker, and peer counselor with urban, ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged clients of all ages.

As a co-creator in the healing process, I support people to make healthy decisions about their lives, overcome past trauma, and find a strong sense of self-empowerment.

Cecily Nelson-Alford


Cecily comes to us from UC San Diego's Women's Center where she served as the Assistant Director for 4+ years. Born and raised in Chico, she earned her BA in Multicultural and Gender Studies from CSU, Chico and Masters in Postsecondary Educational Leadership from San Diego State.

Black feminist theory and womanism drew her to this work, along with her experiences being a biracial, bisexual woman and student parent. She strives to co-create a space that centers queer and trans people of color. Cecily spends most of her free time with her kids who embody #blackgirlmagic. Come chat with her about everything from Audre Lorde to hip hop to Harry Potter.