WRRC Staff

Sandra Bae

Web Designer

Hello, my name is Sandra Bae! I'm currently a Human-Computer Interactions major, focusing on the interdiscplinary works of computer science, design, and statistics, and Education minor. My interest range from playing games like Overwatch, powerlifting, to late night readings. I am proud to be involved in an wonderful organization that advocates for intersectional feminism, gender equity, and self-care! Feel free to say hello when you come by! :)

Lindsay Baltus

Graduate Student Researcher

I work at the WRRC as the Director of the Davis Feminist Film Festival. I am also a mother, a book lover, and a PhD candidate in the English department, where my dissertation research uses media studies methods to critique white feminism and rethink conventional histories of feminism in the United States. I love working on the Davis Feminist Film Festival because I see it as a powerful way to spark conversations about social justice while supporting the work of passionate students, filmmakers, and visual artists from marginalized communities. The WRRC has been an invaluable space of learning and community for me as I challenge myself to move beyond my comfort zone in order to work toward collective liberation.

Naveen Bhat

Community Organizer

My name is Naveen Bhat and I am fourth year film and theater double major. I’m passionate about storytelling and want to add more diversity and representation of people from intersecting marginalized identities in our media. I love the WRRC because it has been a welcoming and inclusive space that I couldn't find elsewhere on campus. I am a HUGE cat person (animal person in general) and I have a cactus named Alfredo. Feel free to drop by the WRRC and talk to me about things!

Martha Campos

Community Organizer

Hello! My name is Martha Campos and I am a fourth year Environmental Policy Planning and Analysis. I am very passionate about fighting against environmental racism and learn how to decolonize environmental policies. I am so excited to work at the WRRC because this center advocates gender equity, intersectional feminism, self-care and community-care! The WRRC has been such a key component in my life, as an undergraduate, especially when I needed a place to de-stress and have fun! Please feel free to come by and chat with me about feminism and cats! :)

Joceline Gonzalez

Community Organizer

Hi :)

My name is Joceline Gonzalez, I am a fourth year Community and Regional Development & Chicana/o Studies major. My third year I was a Gender Equity Intern and this year I am a Community Organizer for the center. This will be my second year being part of the WRRC team and I am excited to collaborate with different communities to collectively promote gender equity and challenge oppressive structures.

My favorite space in the WRRC is probably the resources room other than doing my front desk duty, I like to chill on the couch... and eat my lunch :D My favorite activities are dancing traditional Mexican Folklorico and hearing to new music. Both are my ways of self-caring when I need to take a break from studying.

Come visit me! We can talk about Folklorico, music, food, and movies!

Angela Kim

Community Organizer

My name is Angela Kim and I am a fourth year Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and American Studies double major, Education minor. My activism interests include decolonization, destroying white supremacist structures and ideologies, the prison industrial complex, disability representation, and spreading awareness of the many forms of gendered violence. I love acrylic painting, corgis, having heart to heart conversations, and watching oddly satisfying videos to relax. The University as an institution and the campus environment are not always the most welcoming and accepting of marginalized communities and folx, so the WRRC has always felt like a safe and truly inclusive space for me. Please stop by the WRRC to say hi and enjoy our space!

Mati Kuss

Community Organizer

My name is Mati and I am white, blue-collar, chronically ill/disabled, nonbinary, and queer. I am a fourth year Science and Technology Studies major. I am passionate about work that fights for marginalized communities and individuals. I have worked as a volunteer in the WRRC for three years and I owe much of my growth and learning to the space, as well as the labor of those who have resided in it during that time. I’m looking forward to learning and growing even more this year. My cat is my child and he helps me foster kittens as well. I love fixing things and working with my hands, whether that be building, crafting, or baking. I am strongly introverted, but always down to talk about social justice, dismantling systems of oppression, and animals of any sort.

Juno Lee

Community Organizer

I am a third year Gender, Sexuality, and Womxn's Studies major with an emphasis in social activism, gender politics, and activism. My involvement at the Womxn's Resources and Research Center started last year as a Gender Equity Intern where I learned to grow into my identities as a poor, fat, and queer, non-binary femme of color. This year I am continuing my work of creating programs and spaces that advocate for gender equity and justice for targeted, intersecting identities. In my free time, I love to cook/bake, sing, nap, craft, and read up on astrology. I'm looking forward to being able to develop my skills as a Community Organizer this year, and to provide spaces and resources for the community. I'm always in the space listening to music or talking about the stars, so feel free to stop by and say hi! :)

Emily Lin

Graphic Designer

My name is Emily Lin, and I am a fourth-year design and communication double major. Working at the WRRC has been a very eye-opening experience; I'm still relatively new, but everyone has been very friendly and inviting to me. Designing for the WRRC allows me to think and consider my audience more thoroughly and bring awareness of certain designs that may exclude specific groups of people. Outside of the WRRC and academics, I am very involved with Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Sigma Pi where I mentor and help students develop their professionalism - such as resume writing, networking, applications, interviewing tips etc. On my free time, I enjoy going on adventures, traveling, and hanging out with friends!

Laura Mora
they/them/, she/her

Community Organizer

My name is Laura Mora, I am a fifth year transfer student, going into my third year at Davis as a Sociology and Chicana/o Studies double major. I identify as a Queer Latinx and first generation scholar with anxiety. I enjoy watching films, discussing horoscopes, listening to podcasts/life stories, and being with community. Community work on intersectional feminism and educational social justice within the WRRC has become a large part of how I try to move through spaces. I was a Gender Equity Intern and Davis Feminist Film Festival Intern at the WRRC my second year in Davis, finding important communities that has helped me grow and are still in my life today. Feel free to stop by and tell me your story :)

Kathy Pham
she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

Community Organizer

Hey y’all! I’m a queer 3rd year double majoring in Psychology & Sociology. Raised by Vietnamese refugees, I’m empowered to fight injustices in order to honor my ancestors and provide for my own communities and other marginalized communities. I hope to contribute love and support to the WRRC community through the promotion of gender equity and intersectional feminism. As a cancer-leo cusp, I lead with a big, gay, open heart—come talk to me about astrology! In my free time, I enjoy taking naps, being gay as heck, and eating everything with dairy in it, despite being lactose-intolerant. My future plans include dismantling the cisheteropatriarchy and owning (at least) 2 cats. Feel free to talk to me about girl groups and memes!

Mary Rasooli

Library Coordinator

My name's Mary and I'm a 4th year at Davis! I transferred here Fall of 2017 and I am studying International Relations with a minor in Persian studies. From the start of my time here at Davis, the WRRC immediately became a space where I felt safe and right at-home. I am now the Library Coordinator at the center and am SO excited to give the library the love and attention it deserves! I am a Queer Persian Femme who hates walking but enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn, watching bad television, expanding my shoe collection, and exploring Persian and Middle Eastern art, history and literature. Feel free to stop by the library any time to chat, make suggestions for new literature, and even events you'd like to see happen at the Joy Fergoda Library!

Mayra Sanchez

Graduate Student Researcher

She is a PhD Candidate in Geography with a DE in Feminist Theory and Research. She hold a BS in Psychology, and a MS in Child Development, and MS in Community Development from UC Davis. Her research interests are socioenvironmental justice, time and space of toxic ecologies, risk and vulnerability, slow violence, as well as the gendered dimensions of exposure and caring. Mayra has worked at the WRRC for over 2 years and enjoys the everyday interaction with familiar faces and newcomers.
Mayra loves the beach and exploring historical sites. Cheese and chocolate are her daily delights!

Career Staff

Ashley Teodorson

Business and Finance Coordinator

I am a mother, birth doula, academic and activist.

I currently serve as the Business and Finance Coordinator at the WRRC.

My academic interests are organized around the effects and affects produced by contemporary representations of birth and motherhood. Specifically, I want to suggest that the problems and failures inherent to representation as a project are nowhere more salient than in the face of human birth. I see my work as unrelentingly performative and operating in the space between affect theory, new material feminisms and queer theory.

I currently live in Davis, Ca where my partner and I raise our five children.

Jessica Castellon

Assistant Director of Education

jessica castellón [she/her pronouns] is daughter of immigrant parents, and a proud queer xicana feminist raised by a single mom.​ ​Her approach in working toward gender equity is deeply rooted in intersectionality and honoring her personal and ancestral experiences. She discovered a passion for social justice and activism during her undergraduate years when she became involved with the Multicultural Center at Sacramento State.

She is passionate about promoting laughter for healing, intersectionality, doing work alongside marginalized communities, higher education​, ​social justice​ and spending time with her dog Lola​. Exceeding her own expectations, she earned three bachelor degrees in Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Social Work from Sacramento State in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Sociology in 2015.

Sara Blair-Medeiros

Assistant Director of Outreach

Sara Blair-Medeiros (she/her/hers pronouns) is a fierce Queer Transracial Adoptee Woman of Color. Sara is a Bay Area native passionate about Gender Equity work and Social Justice. Her approach to the work is founded in her intersectional life experience and the philosophy that authentic human relationships are a crucial part of the collective struggle for equity and liberation. Sara is passionate about supporting students, Intersectionality, Social Justice, engaging in the work towards liberation with marginalized communities, critical self-reflective practice, listening to music, her dog and all dogs, cooking, trying new things, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sara lives in Sacramento with her wife Michelle.

Maia Huang

CAN Counselor

I am a marriage and family therapist with a specialization in expressive arts therapy. I’ve worked with young adults and college students from a variety of different backgrounds, including people from the LGBTQIA community, immigrants and ethnically diverse populations, and people with disabilities, among others. LGBTQIA identity concerns, chronic illness, women’s health and wellness, multiculturalism, life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, and issues in straight and same-sex relationships, are some of my areas of expertise.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on social justice, providing direct care for underserved, marginalized communities in the nonprofit and social services sectors. Prior to becoming apsychotherapist, I worked in the capacity of a community advocate, case manager, outreach worker, and peer counselor with urban, ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged clients of all ages.

As a co-creator in the healing process, I support people to make healthy decisions about their lives, overcome past trauma, and find a strong sense of self-empowerment.

Cecily Nelson-Alford


Cecily comes to us from UC San Diego's Women's Center where she served as the Assistant Director for 4+ years. Born and raised in Chico, she earned her BA in Multicultural and Gender Studies from CSU, Chico and Masters in Postsecondary Educational Leadership from San Diego State.

Black feminist theory and womanism drew her to this work, along with her experiences being a biracial, bisexual woman and student parent. She strives to co-create a space that centers queer and trans people of color. Cecily spends most of her free time with her kids who embody #blackgirlmagic. Come chat with her about everything from Audre Lorde to hip hop to Harry Potter.