Family Activiites

Student Parent Circle

This event is held once a quarter. It is an opportunity for student parents to meet and connect with each other. Normally held at Solano Park Community Center. Guest speakers are invited to share information on how to access different resources and services such as child care grants for students, local preschools, child development screening, legal services, and so on.

Family Activities Night

Vagina Our Stories

Family Activities Night occurs twice a year, during Winter and Spring Quarter, and offers a space for student, faculty and staff families to connect with each other, share resources, and relax in a family-friendly atmosphere. Free activities for children along with snacks and dinner bring out the smiles of kids and parents.


This event in the Spring Quarter allows community members to donate children's and household items and to take what they need. Left-over items are donated to local non-profits with whom we partner to support families.