Welcome to Math Café!

Math Café is a mathematics-related organization at the University of California, Davis, and was founded with the goal of encouraging students to succeed and continue their educations in mathematic fields. It seeks for ways to let students tackle mathematics more comfortably and confidently outside of the classroom. The main focus is on women as they are an underrepresented minority in mathematics, but all people are welcome to visit.

"Math Café" is a place for students who have any mathematically-related questions to go to for help. It is like a café in that the students who come are able to relax and enjoy themselves. Each week, tutors are invited to help students with any math problems they may have, much like having a private mathematics tutor. We help students in all levels of math. Students are free to relax and even enjoy some snacks as they work on math problems. Oftentimes, many students leave their math classes with unanswered questions, or will come up with questions as they do their homework. Besides going to their teachers and teaching assistants for help, students can also count on Math Café to provide extra assistance.