Monthly Events at the WRRC

The WRRC holds monthly events where all students are invited to come and join us. Please see our calendar for more details.

Creative Circles

Creative Circles

Creative Circles provide a space for people to de-stress, work on creative and artistic projects and connect with others.

This is a pressure-free and non-competitive zone. You can bring your own projects and supplies or come in without an idea of what you'd like to creative. We'll have supplies and snacks waiting. Please check our calendar for event details and email the for any additional information.

Every first Wednesday, 3:15 - 5pm, 113 North Hall WRRC Conference Room, Room 125

Black Futures Month

Black Futures Month is a shared vision of the trajectory for Black Life on this campus and beyond. During this time, we are committed to remembering, celebrating, and learning from Black history. It is a time to acknowledge that Blackness is marginalized globally and work internally to center the marginalized identities within communities for true liberation. History shows that Black people are more than what happened to them; on this campus we are committed to continuing Black Excellence in the near and distant futures. The theme to look to the Future in celebration of African/African-American/Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latinx/Afro/Black Diasporic peoples, embraces a mission of inclusion and to enhance the visibility of the diaspora at the intersections.