WRRC's Space

Visit the WRRC! Many of our spaces are open to the public during our open hours. You can also reserve some of our spaces for meetings, workshops, etc.

Our Space

North Hall

Conference Room

125 North Hall

The WRRC Conference Room is a versatile space that can be used for meetings, film screenings, workshops, and tutoring.

For example, Math Café, weekly math tutoring part of the WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Program meets here every week. The Conference Room is can be reserved by campus organizations and departments.

Joy Fergoda Library

Joy Fergoda Library

114 North Hall

The Joy Fergoda Library hosts one of the country's largest women and gender studies library collections with over 12,000 volumes of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, DVDs, and zines.

The Joy Fergoda Library is a great place to study, hang out, take naps, and explore women, gender, and social justice topics. In the library, you can find free tea and hot water, skittles, public computers, and donation-for-use printing and copying.

WRRC Community Office


Student Community Center

While the majority of Women’s Resources and Research Center activities take place in North Hall, we also have a space in the Student Community Center.

The WRRC Community Office offers a quiet space to hang out with a small collection of books; many resources; and tampons, pads, and liners.

Student Community Center

Resource Room

113 North Hall

The resource room is home to the Women's Resources & Research Center’s front desk and it is a lounge area with some feminist magazines and numerous resources.

This space is the starting point for those with questions about the WRRC, interested in volunteering, and/or in need of information and resources. Free tampons, pads, liners, condoms, and lube are available.

North Hall

Righteous Babes' Lounge

105 North Hall

Named in honor of feminist punk folksinger Ani Difranco’s self-started music label, Righteous Babes Records, the room is one of the most popular hangouts in the WRRC.

Nicknamed “the RBL”, the space is extremely versatile and is used for studying, eating, napping, displaying artwork, and can be reserved by campus organizations and departments for meetings.

Joy Fergoda Vintage Collection

Joy Fergoda Vintage Collection

127 North Hall

An extension of the Joy Fergoda Library, the Vintage Collection contains books published before 1992.

The Vintage Collection is a study space where visitors can read, eat, or relax. The books are alphabetized by title and also emphasize social justice and gender-related topics. Books in the Vintage Collection can be checked out through the main Joy Fergoda library.