Semana de la Xicanx

Semana de la Comunidad creates visibility about the needs of the Xicanx/Latinx community with a focus on gender. The objectives for Semana de la Comunidad are to raise awareness and address gender related issues within the Xicanx/Latinx community. Each year a planning committee made up of several campus partners, and WRRC staff members organizes and implements several community programs, including a day-long summit. Each year differs in theme; however, the planning collective encourages an intersectional approach that center the following identities or experiences:

  • Afro/Latinx identities or experiences
  • Queer identities or experiences
  • Trans and non-binary identities or experiences
  • Undocumented identities or experiences
  • Central/South American identities or experiences
  • Indigenous identities or experiences
  • (Dis)ability identities or experiences

The collective is open to all community members and meets the beginning of winter quarter. If you are interested in joining the planning collective, please email the WRRC at for more details.