Mati Kuss , (they/them/theirs)

CO Mati Kuss with their cat, in a striped shirt. Mati is smiling softly.

Position Title
Community Organizer


My name is Mati and I am blue-collar, chronically ill/disabled, nonbinary, and queer. I am a fifth year Science and Technology Studies major with a Sociology minor. My academic work is focused on technology in relation to sick queer bodies and systems of oppression. I have been involved at the WRRC in various capacities since my freshman year and I owe much of my growth and learning to the space and the labor of the amazing people who have inhabited it. Outside of the WRRC, I mostly spend time with my partner, cat, hamster, and foster kittens. I also love working with my hands by tinkering, crafting, building, baking, and creating art.