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WRRC Workshop or Program Request

If you or your organization cannot attend one of the workshops offered above, WRRC Educational Workshops are available by request. Please make sure that your request is at least three (3) weeks in advance of the date you would like to host the workshop. We currently offer the following educational workshops for student organizations, campus departments, community organizations, and other groups:

  • About the WRRC - This session gives a basic overview of the role the WRRC plays on campus doing Gender Equity work, what educational programs we offer, the events we host, and covers the location of the WRRC, hours, and tangible resources available in our space. Additionally, we discuss our classification as a confidential resource. 
  • Birth Control 101 - In a fun, engaging, and brave environment, this session demystifies birth control. It covers the basics and fundamentals, supports participants in learning how to talk about birth control with others, and provides insight into the various methods and types!
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Environments - This interactive session will empower participants to be able to define Cisgender, Transgender, Nonbinary and Cissexism, better understand how power and privilege influence ways we co-create space with each other, deconstruct gendered and exclusive language that impacts our community, brainstorm and practice ways to interrupt Genderism and to create more inclusive community spaces.
  • Intersectionality and Gender - This session will give participants an understanding of where WRRC is and the work we do, understanding of Social Identity, understanding of difference between Intersectionality and intersecting identities, ability to articulate importance of inclusive language in creating inclusive environments, deeper understanding of Gender in relation to intersectionality, intersecting identities, and inclusion.
  • Socialization of Gender - This session will empower participants to examine and understand definitions of Gender, Gender Roles, Sexism, and Cissexism, understand Gender socialization and to engage critically with regards to language and Gender in everyday interactions.

If you have questions or concerns about your workshop or tabling request or would like to discuss the creation of a workshop with content specific to your organization/department, please email Associate Director, Sara Blair-Medeiros.

WRRC Tabling Request

The Women's Resources and Research Center is happy to do outreach at community and campus events relevant to our mission and purpose. If you would like our staff to do outreach at your event please submit a tabling request at least three weeks in advance. WRRC staff will contact you within 1 week to confirm or deny the request depending on staff capacity. Please contact or Associate Director, Sara Blair-Medeiros for any questions.