The Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize, Eva Shicke Memorial Prize, and Graduate Summer Research Awards are offered annually each year (with the Graduate awards being made available based off available funding) to UC Davis students. 

Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize

The Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize is awarded annually to a UCD student whose original creative project best demonstrates the bravery and independence of womxn. This prize was established in honor of Ellen, a creative and art-loving UCD student who was killed in 1981 while hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In honor of Ellen and her brave and adventurous spirit, a panel of judges select pieces to win up to a $1000 prize, based on how their piece and statement demonstrate that courage. Selected prizes are displayed at a reception. Check back in early Spring quarter for updates on the prize for 2023. 

Creative projects can be:
photography, sculpture, film, painting, dance, poetry, musical composition, creative nonfiction, mixed media, textiles, or any artistic medium that inspires you. New and old pieces are welcome from folks of all majors! 

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit an entry for the prize. 

Eva Shicke Memorial Prize

In September 2004, firefighter Eva Schicke died while fighting a fire in the Stanislaus National Forest.

Eva, 23, was a member of the elite California Department of Forestry Helitac crew and was admired and respected by all who knew her. She was the first woman to in CDF history to die in action. To honor her, and the determination and courage she exemplified, UCD firefighter Terry Zimmer established the Eva Schicke Memorial Fund.

The Eva Schicke Memorial Scholarship supports UCD undergraduate students who pursue gender-related research or who hope to attend conferences, workshops, or leadership institutes.

Applications will come available in Spring 2023.

Graduate Summer Research Award

The Women’s Resources and Research Center is pleased to announce the availability of summer awards for UC Davis graduate students. We invite applications from students with marginalized gender identities (such as women, transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming folks) whose research projects promote gender equity. Proposals should approach the study of gender and promote gender equity. Awards range from $500-$1,000. Please check back in Spring 2023 for updates. 

Some example criteria include:

• Bring visibility to marginalized gender identities

• Question or unsettle gender norms

• Assess and challenge gender inequalities

• Examine the intersection of gender with other identities

• Envision gender equity

• Engage with feminist theories and methodologies

Funding may be used to support research-related expenses such as materials or travel; and/or living expenses for writing.