Community Organizer

Community Organizer Role:

Community Organizers at the WRRC work collaboratively with professional staff, other interns, and volunteers to develop intentional programs and serve as a confidential resources on campus. Community Organizers receive extensive training in intersectional feminist foundations, program implementation, leadership, communication, consensus-models, crisis support and more.

What you can gain from a WRRC CO position:

  • Work experience that will help you in professional roles throughout and after college
  • Skills in working with a diverse team and community
  • New insights into your identities and the intersections power and privilege
  • Understanding of the range and depth of gender and social justice issues
  • Experience in community outreach, event programming, and facilitation
  • Skilled mentoring and supervision from professional staff
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Professional development and learning opportunities to increase social justice competency
  • New friends and a community engaged in social change