Born out of student activism and political struggle, the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center provides a culturally relevant community space where student voices can be expressed and respected. The CCC cultivates critical consciousness and cultural competency by providing learning opportunities at the crossroads of the many aspects of our identities and experiences. By embracing our cultural and intellectual heritage, the CCC supports student leadership in advancing our collective vision for community empowerment and social justice.

As a community center for students, the following six values guide our work:


The history of our center is built upon the solidarity of four UC Davis students who went on a hunger strike to advocate for institutional change. We are therefore committed to champion and challenge services, policies, programs and procedures that impact the communities we serve.


Cultural awareness, knowledge, empathy and skill building are critical to the holistic academic experience of our student body. We believe cultural competency is as crucial as any academic skill a student must have to be a successful campus and global citizen.


We are committed to providing a safe space and safe experiences for every member of the campus community by providing opportunities that engage a person holistically.


We are committed to providing training and educational opportunities to the campus community that engage and challenge participants to be champions of social justice. In this work, we collaborate with our faculty and staff who are engaged in fieldwork and innovative research that advance social justice and equity.


We are committed to providing programs and experiences that allow each individual to freely explore, discover and understand their identity. These events can include multiple dimensions of culture such as race, sexual orientation, gender, class, ability, spirituality, and nationality, which reflect the fluidity of human diversity.


We believe in taking a leadership role in providing meaningful internship experiences for our student leaders and staff who share a passion for inclusion, pluralism, and social justice.