Co-sponsorship & Collaboration

The WRRC offers a wide range of co-sponsorships - monetary funds in-kind supplies and materials, WRRC career and intern staff time (i.e. facilitate or speak on a topic), graphic design publicity, photocopy printing; PR/publicity, WRRC room space (i.e. North Hall - Righteous Babes Lounge, Library, and 113 North Hall), and bullhorn access (sound permit required by Memorial Union). During the academic year, the staff will review proposals on a first-come, first-serve basis each month with priority given to proposals that meet the guidelines below

Co-Sponsoring Your Organization and Collaboration With the WRRC

We offer funding, space reservations, publicity, and WRRC supplies as co-sponsorship contributions. Collaboration requests are typically made when a group or organization wishes to work with the WRRC on a project (borrow WRRC materials, receive WRRC input, otherwise get support from the WRRC) but does not require monetary support. While there is only one form to fill out, please make sure that you read the form carefully and indicate if you are requesting a co-sponsorship or a collaboration. Proposals are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If interested, please fill out our Co-Sponsorship/Collaboration Request Form